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Need more FileMaker databases or FileMaker users?
Upgrade to your own Dedicated FileMaker Server!
Triple8 Network would like to announce FileMaker Remote App. Run your FileMaker databases up to 10x faster.

What are the benefits?
Faster Database operation, 2x-10x and above have been recognized.
No more long wait times when running scripts and query's.
Faster redraws when changing records.
A local copy FileMaker is not required to connect and manage you database.
FileMaker Remote App runs just like a local copy of FileMaker.
Windows and Mac compatible.

Are you a FileMaker Remote App candidate?
- Is your database slow when changing records.
- Does your database have scripts or query's that run calculations taking many seconds or minutes to process.
- Does you database have large images or PDF's that are slow to load?
- Is our FileMaker server too far from your current location and causing slow performance?
- what else...

What is FileMaker Remote App and how does it work?
-FileMaker Remote App runs FileMaker Pro on our servers at Triple8 Network. The database processing between FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server is servers side (in our datacenter) and only transmits you the screen or pixel information that is required to view your database . Eliminating many bottle necks in the FileMaker pipeline. In many instances depending on your database design FileMaker Remote App will greatly increase the speed and and your overall experience.

Contact our Support Department for a free 7 day trial.

What are the costs for Remote App? Inclusive of your fileMaker Pro Hosting Plan below:

$19.95 per user per month if you provide a FileMaker License Key.
$29.95 per user per month if we provide the FileMaker License Key.

FileMaker Pro Hosting Prices
Single Personal Standard Business Enterprise
FileMaker Databases 1 2 5 8 12
FileMaker Pro Users* 4 4 10 16 24
Instant Web Publishing
(FileMaker Pro versions 7-12)
WebDirect/FMGO Users
(FileMaker Pro versions 13-16)**
Data Storage 1GB 2GB 5GB 8GB 12GB
Data Transfer unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Custom IWP
Website Hosting
Daily Backups
Remote FTP Backup
Monthly Pricing $14.95 $24.95 $39.95 $54.95 $69.95
* simultaneous connections using FileMaker Pro Remote
** Web Direct / FM Go connections are provided at no additional charge, but connections are limited per server and not guaranteed. If you need guaranteed Web Direct / FM Go connections, then you will need your own dedicated FileMaker server. Contact Triple8 support for details.
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