Serving IT Since 1992
Triple8 is a full service Internet Technology provider. We offer a full range of IT services to suit the needs of any organization. Whether you need simple email hosting or several racks of managed servers, Triple8 has 20+ years of IT experience to meet any demands.
WebSite Hosting
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Triple8 Network has been hosting websites for over a decade and offers a variety of hosting plans and options. Whether you need Windows or Linux, PHP or ColdFusion, MSSQL or MySQL, Triple8 can host your websites on the platform you need at an affordable price. Hosting plans can be customized to your specific needs. Whether you prefer a turnkey hosting control panel or just the simplicity of a single ftp account, we can optimize your hosting plan to meet your requirements.
FileMaker Hosting
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Triple8 Network is a world leader in FileMaker hosting services. Hosting your FileMaker Pro database allows you to access your data anywhere in the world. Our secure, reliable FileMaker Pro Servers are connected 24/7 to a high speed network so working on your database is as easy as if it was on your desktop. FileMaker Hosting allows numerous users to share the same database at the same time. All FileMaker Hosting plans include a Free 30 Day Trial.
FileMaker Servers
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Securely host FileMaker Database over a network or on the web by adding FileMaker Server (separate purchase of FileMaker Pro required). It's fast, reliable, easy-to-use server software for securely managing your FileMaker Pro databases. When using FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone, connect to databases hosted on FileMaker Server for instant access to the most current information. users.
FileMaker Remote App
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FileMaker Remote App runs FileMaker Pro on our servers at Triple8 Network. The database processing between FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server is servers side (in our datacenter) and only transmits you the screen or pixel information that is required to view your database . Eliminating many bottle necks in the FileMaker pipeline. In many instances depending on your database design FileMaker Remote App will greatly increase the speed and and your overall experience.
Server Colocation
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Triple8 Network offers mission critical internet based solutions for enterprise-grade, world class data centers. Our solutions deliver flexible, scalable, secure and cost-efficient data center colocation combined with exceptional service. We can support your needs quickly with our on-site technicians, who can operate as your remote hands on-site.
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