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3D Rendering FAQs
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How much does it cost to render a scene?
We charge by the CPU core hour at the rate of $.20. Volume discounts can apply.

So if a frame takes 1 hour to render on a 12 core server, that frame would cost $2.40.

We run tests on first, middle and last frames to get you a better estimate on your project render times.
How long will it take to render my scene or project?
This depends on the complexity of your scene for example, a scene may render quickly when there is limited detail or complexity. A scene may have increased render times as a camera move reveals additional detail and complexity in a scene. We recommend that you render at a minimum the first, middle and last frames of a scene to approximate average frame time, higher frequency checks may be required on longer scenes such as every 25, 50 or 100 frames to give adequate estimates.
Do we support custom plugins?
Yes, we support custom plugins. Plugins would need to be installed prior to rendering and tested for compatibility, versioning and proper licensing.
What options are available from our support team?
We are a full service 3d post production facility, offering a wide array of services including:

Render specific:

-Scene optimization.
-Trouble shoot rendering issues from missing maps to more complex issues like GI chatter.
-Texture mapping, lighting
-Breakout passes and render layers / elements


-3D animation
-Visual Effects
-Motion Capture (Vicon motion capture system)
-Editorial and Sound
How large is your renderfarm?
Our in house renderfarm is currently over 2200 cores and growing. Additional servers are available on-demand
How much ram do your rendering servers have?
Our rendering servers are equipped to handle extremely large scenes, each server is loaded with 128gb of RAM.
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