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Is there a limit to the number of cameras I can store video for?
The number of cameras and data storage is determined by you storage plan. Custom plans are available with no upper limit on the number of cameras or the amount of data you can store. Contact our support team if you need more camera storage capabilities.
How much data will an IP Camera generate each day?
Most IP cameras have motion capture capabilties. When the camera detects movement, recoding will begin for a predetermined amount of time, usually 30 seconds. The amount of data stored for each camera really depends on how busy the camera view is. A camera facing a busy entrance for example, may generate thousands of video files each day. Some camera also have the ability to only capture and send video day at specified times of day.
Can I view the captured video data online?
Each manufacturer of IP cameras store captured video data in different formats. Triple8 programmers are in the process of writing code for each type of data file, so you can view them online. We have completed the video processing codecs for some camera manufactures, with more available shortly.
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